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Leader Handicap

The RYA no longer includes the Leader in the Portsmouth Yardstick list. The Leader had a Portsmouth number from its design in 1960, until about 2005, but the RYA requires a minimum reporting level from clubs to keep the numbers up to date. Despite the Associations best efforts, we could not achieve this minimum from the clubs.

The CVRDA does list the Leader and it is 97 in their handicapping system. The Enterprise has always had a very similar speed to the Leader, and the CVRDA also gives an “old” Enterprise 97 - the same handicap as the Leader .We also had the same PY Number as the Enterprise 1997 to 1999, and our boats are unchanged from that date. The Enterprise sailed under 1117 in 2013/4

Thus the LCOA asserts that a handicap of 1117 should be used when handicap racing against other boats with a PY Number.

All this is mentioned to serve as explanation to a Race Officer.

The CVRDA is the Classic and Vintage Racing Dinghy Association (www.cvrda.org)


Leader Measurements

Click the link to open the Leader Construction and Measurement Rules document.

Know Your Leader (free download)

This .pdf document is a scanned copy of an original leaflet dating back to 1992. It contains a brief history of the design, and some very useful tips for setting up your Leader to either race competitively, or for cruising.

This document is even more readable when printed to your printer!

Click the link to open the Know Your Leader document.


Part One

Setting up a Leader

The Hull

The Foils

The Spars

The Sails


Part Two

The Racing Leaders

Hull Tuning

Centrboards and rudders

Rig Tuning

Sail Tuning


Part Three

Cruising Your Leader

Safety Afloat


Price List & Potted History

Clink on this link to see more details on the Leader II Dinghy. NB Portsmouth Yardstick is now 1116 not 1115 as mentioned in the leaflet. You will need Adobe Acrobat Reader to load and open this file.

Included in this document, is a potted history of the Leader II dinghy from its conception to the present day. Also given are the various build options that can supplied, together with full specifications and a full 2006 price list for various build and rig options, covers, trailers, and miscellaneous Leader hardware.

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